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Wazir Solicitors & Co is the best and experienced hands team of legal professional, have good & long record of achieving the legal fight in the area of Family, matrimonial and divorce laws of India for the client from WorldWide including the following:-

  • Petition against ex-party Divorce obtained in Foreign Court
  • Petition for Conjugal of Marriage Rights
  • Petition for Maintenance
  • Petition for Custody of Child
  • Petition for Domestic Violence
  • International Adoption under Hague Convention
  • Suit for Partion of Ancestral Family’s Property
  • Inheritance of Ancestral Property
  • Suit for Successtion of Property
  • Marriage Registration
  • Marriage under Special Marriage
  • Dissolution of Marriage for Decree of Divorce
  • Divorce Case with Mutual Consent
  • Cruelty & Misappropriate of Dowry Articles
  • Divorce Litigation Service
  • Pre Litigation Service
  • Assistance in counseling
  • Conducting Trial
  • Getting copies of documents
  • Criminal Law, Police actions
  • Documentation and allied services
  • Spouse visa case
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