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For Non Resident Indian living far away from their home town in India, is very difficult to search & locate their property in India or the property / land which may left behind by their late parents under the WILL or without the executing the WILL. It is our experience in the legal practice that many overseas citizen of India is/are the owner of residential / commercial / agriculture land in India purchased by their parents or sibling or by themselves but due to non connection with any one in India they don’t know about the present status of their property / land or even not aware about the location of property / land in India. Resultantly, their property / land is illegally occupied by some stranger or their other close family friends/relative and they enjoying the fruit of the property of NRIs by taking undue advantage not being in India.

So in these circumstances it is very essential to keep a tab on your property or agriculture land in India in order to keep your property from all hurdles.

If you are owner of any property / land in India or became owner of any property in India under the  WILL or by share under Succession  or Partition but you did not know the where-about of the property, in this situation, the expert team of lawyers at Wazir Singh Solicitor can assist you in search and locating your property by conducting search in the Revenue & other concerned Govt Departments in India and can provide the status & location of your property along with its ownership detail.

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